circa '86

less work for more speed . . . inspired from a more "happy go lucky" board era

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Can you believe there is actually an 80’s model…I’m feeling old. Actually, I was a grom in the 80’s and what a great time it was; in part due to board design – less work for more speed; surfing didn’t have to be so technical back then and it seemed like there were less knee injuries… I don’t know? Features flat deck, angled down rails, flat-to-vee bottom, even a beautifully hideous beek nose. So here’s my quick, forgiving little gem that hearkens back to the days of Curren and Occy duals, “Kong”, “Rabbit”, “The Saint”, a young ”Butto”, “The Law”….yesterdays heroes that aren’t so different from today’s.

Experience: intermediate through advanced.

Todd’s picks for traction, fins, & other board essentials

dakine andy irons traction

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Proxy epoxy/EPS

3-5 x the strength & durability of a poly, lighterweight & slightly more buoyant

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Titanium II Series

any of our Proxy epoxy iterations with the additiona of strategically placed carbon/kevlar mesh

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