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has given me good new feelings in my surfing world

has given me good new feelings in my surfing world Waves at home with #twinstitchsurfboard   @proctor_surfboards has given me good new feelings in my surfing world.   @billabong_usa @billabong @gardenoflife @nomadsurfshop @crowdcontrolsurf @sushijoflorida...

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monstapig carbon footprint stringerless groveler

Completely Thrilled

I’m completely thrilled with the MonstaPig I picked up in January. Stoked for Todd to apply the same magic for a step-up. MonstaPig v.4 5’11”...

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claudia with 7'6 MonstaChief shortboard for New York waves

You have the Best Boards

You have the Best Boards. The 7’6″ MonstaChief …. I love it… Claudia age: 50 height: 5’3″ for New York waves Buy the 7’6″ Monstachief...

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dylan surfboard review of holy roller surfboard

A true barrel hound

“Hey Todd just wanted to thank you for the custom holy roller you made me. I’ve taken it to Mex, Indo and surfed heavy beach...

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I’m under the spell

Someone took this  drone video of me on the 7”6″ I love the beak nose Takes me back every time i see it paddling  You definitely...

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Just Makes Surfing a Blast

Just Makes Surfing a Blast Stoked surfer reports: this just in >> “Dude this one I have now is literally the best board I’ve ever...

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