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Nick Rozsa & Pete Mendia demonstrate performance shortboard surfing on their custom shortboards

For solid surf, dream waves, good conditions ... you want a performance shortboard

Above you will find a collection of Todd’s proven and tested shortboard surfboards, perfected over the past 30 years. Working with some of the best surfers in the world has helped him to hone the designs so that they equip and challenge you to progress as far as possible with your surfing. Also working with real surfers all over the world to target various styles, levels of experience, unique conditions, and a variety of wave types including beach breaks, point surf, reefs, etc. has uniquely positioned him to help surfers of all experience levels find the board that will work best for them, as opposed to only for a pro.

Whatever you particular wave target, trip destination, personal stage in your surfing journey; Todd will guide you expertly into the shortboard model that will enhance your surfing performance.

After 30 years of custom tuning boards and interacting with each surfer directly during the ordering process, designing and shaping of the boards, and hearing the feedback after they have been ridden; Todd has an unbelievable storehouse of design insight. During your custom order conversation, he will find out about your unique scenario, and detail the board that will most enhance your surfing experience and be a true asset in helping you to achieve your surfing goals.

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