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Handmade in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992


Built for trim speed, walking the nose, drop knee turns…it’s a mellower era and the mood is flowin’
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Well they’re classic – 50/50 rails, rolled vee bottom, scoop in the nose; Built for trim speed, walking the nose, drop knee turns…it’s a mellower era and the mood is flowin’.

We do them with volan cutlaps, paddle patches, cloth inlays, acid splashes, resin swirls, tail blocks, nose blocks, pigment opques, tints, pinline art, gloss and polish…you name it we do it (even step decks…shhh – don’t tell anybody). Made in the USA.

Experience: Beginner to Advanced


Todd’s picks for board accessories & essentials.

coming soon. customized with Todd during consult.

construction options & pricing


traditional foam & fiberglass - starting at ...

Proxy epoxy/EPS

3-5 x the strength & durability of a poly, lighterweight & slightly more buoyant

Carbon Footprint

stringerless Proxy epoxy with carbon reinforced rails

Titanium II Series

any of our Proxy epoxy iterations with the additiona of strategically placed carbon/kevlar mesh
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it was MAGIC

Grateful to have tested out this board today at the Bu, it was MAGIC 🙏@proctorsurf_surfboards

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More than STOKED!!!

More than STOKED!!! Thank you. Jeffrey | 42/6’0″/190-210/Gulf Coast, Florida, East Coast 2-4′ mush to...

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