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Handmade in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Big Guy Shortboards Monstachief line

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The MonstaChief line of Big Guy Surfboards, including Shortboards, Grovelers, Guns & more grew from the need to fill a gap in the industry:

a need for bigger guys and power surfers to have an alternative shortboard design made appropriate to their build so they didn’t have to resort to funshapes or longboards if they didn’t want to.

I knew a lot of surfers from the ’80s and ’90s that were rippers, and in that 200-250+ lbs range.

A lot of them had to quit surfing for many years when they started families. And when they came back to it many years later, the moves were still in there, but the body didn’t necessarily follow the way they remembered.

So the Monstachief came to be.

Not just a resized big version of a chippy shortboard,

but all the appropriate geometry and design built from the ground up to cater to those big guys who still had the grit, but needed the right equipment to get them where they wanted to go.

The Goal is to give larger-framed surfers a platform that will use their stature as an advantage rather than a disadvantage; to create fun for a cross-section of the tribe that has been traditionally overlooked.

The MonstaChief lineup of boards has grown steadily year after year with proven favorites and more specialized shapes to fit a variety of wave types and styles. 

Introducing the Perfect Fins for Bigger Guys & Power Surfers -

A template for maximum drive complemented by controlled fin release.

  • Perfect for bigger guys & power surfers

  • XL Base for increased drive & hold

allen grovelchief loop

The MonstaChief big guy shortboard – the one that started it all. We saw a need for big guys, older guys and power surfers that needed a board designed specifically for them; something snag waves easy, and that they can rip on.
Here’s Allen age 60, 230lbs riding a 6’5” x 22” x 3 1/8” 52L

allen sarlo big guy shortboard Monstachief by Todd Proctor
At Age 62, Has Allen Sarlo Found the Fountain of Youth?, as seen on

“Like each surfer I work with, Allen’s boards are designed and tuned specifically for him. Allen continues to this day to be the King of the Point through healthy living, surfing, kiteboarding or foiling every day. In his own words Allen says, “There is almost no better feeling than sharing the love of surfing with friends and family. Surfing keeps us young. We found the fountain of youth surfing. Thank you for the magic boards Todd, much appreciated. I’m surfing better than ever on your boards.”

As a tribe we must remember the past, know our people, design the future, and honor the elders. This is a board design that seeks to do just that.     – Todd