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quad fin setup shortboard

Thruster vs. Quads

Five fin convertible set-ups….when to ride thruster? When to ride quad? Quick Tip on 5 fin installs: Forward side fins from thruster set always remain...

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carlos zuniga surf guide The Boom, Nicaragua getting barreled on his Proctor Procco 20/30 shortboard

Surfing the Boom Nicaragua

A truly heart-warming story; something real, unpolluted and pure.  But first, the bleak setting, then the uplifting illumination: It’s easy to feel uneasy these days,...

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surfboard reviews and stoked surfer feedback


Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them?  Give a surfboard gift card! Option to consult with the shaper, Todd Proctor, when...

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A study in channels

In this slide show are three different channel bottoms. Each of them has a different combination of channels to make each board do different things....

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A tale of longevity

Here’s a tale of longevity: This board was made eight years ago. It’s a standard poly construction, but made with care and attention to detail....

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The Story of Saint Valentine

Did you know that the true origin of Valentine’s Day is actually about a heroic follower of Christ who made the ultimate sacrifice to lay...

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ZipstaJet Chronicles

This just in: today’s #Zipstajet chronicles … we have a story fresh in from San Clemente….where my friend Ricky let his friend Stephen try this...

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