Todd’s Take on Proctor Teamriders

 Jarrah Tutton

Jarrah “Tutty” Tutton hails from Sydney Australia and is a waterman through and through just like his pappy before him. Professional freesurfer, barrel rider extraordinaire, stylemaster. If he’s not getting barreled at some mysto slab at home or up the coast on the Goldy, he’s out to sea hunting down the big fish. He fancies himself an artist and likes to paint up trippy stuff on his boards….he’s got about a 50/50 hit-to-miss ratio with his boardart….from completely unbridled out-of-the-box legit artwork, – to – “I don’t know about that one bro.” An enjoyable chap to hang out and surf with….no dramas just the posiflow….yeahmate!!

Peter Mendia

Neil Young is the music world’s version of Pete Mendia. Magestic riffs that echo the  unique raw melodies that make you grit your teeth and say yeahnow…..tracks that no-one else can claim or copy. The “madman” buries the rail like no other, always pulls in deep, and devours oncoming lips like he’s out for blood. This right coast Florida resident simply LOVES surfing and when he’s called on, he’s ready to get on the plane to anywhere on the planet and attack bone-breaking pits in strange uncharted waters. Poppa Pete’s got a rad wife and two boys that are pistols; he’s one of the few professionals in our sport that I know of who balances both career and family with success in both. He’s kind of a giant in stature and can pummel you if he wanted to, but he doesn’t need to cause he always seems to just be cruising….enjoying the show.

 Nick Rozsa

This Ventura county local boy is from a long line of rough and tumble oceanic journeymen who would charge Todos back in the early days, and reel in fish from the sea for their sustenance…..his uncles are too many to count; a lineage of conquest and lore who ruled their prospective breaks… this day you hear legendary stories about the Rozsa brothers. His dad Jim is still ripping and lives on squid juice to pump himself up; and mom Tracey teaches gymnasts how to soar. When Nick was small, Tracey would train him on his air techniques by flipping him around on a trampoline. This family is no joke boys and girls. And señior Nicholas has so much raw surfing talent in his bones that it’s as if you can visibly see God reaching down out of heaven and sprinkling him with doses of angel dust….not the freaky kind, the real kind.

Larry Ugale

Mild mannered Larry grew up on the point at…..whooaah that was close, I almost disclosed one of our little gems up here in Central Cal….well, Larry grew up right on a semi-secret little gem of a point up here where his mom and dad oversaw and managed to grounds of the state camping area, and the place they also called home. His style got tuned in here at an early age where he learned to ride anything and everything well. This kid rides a longboard like most shortboarders wish they could ride their shorties…’s amazing to watch. He surfs single fins, twins, high performance thrusters, hulls, eggs, classic noseriders, performance longboards, finless…..and the list goes on….and he rides them all with excellence and stoke in his eyes.


Forrest Troxell

When it came to that time of life when choices needed to be made as to “what am I going to choose as my main priority in life”…… surfing or art?…. he decided to go with school and pursuing art…..which he rips at. Forrest is the epitome of a “good kid” – Courteous, positive, responsible, hardworking and just plain nice to be around. He surfs when he can and even enters contests now and again….almost always making finals even after a month long layoff from surfing while in ‘school mode’.


 Tommy O’Brien

Tommy O’Brien is an East Coast surfer who stands out among the crowd. His raw power and sick style are two of his most notable attributes; but I also really like how unaffected he is about all the hype, lies and spin that can sometimes swirl about in this industry of ours we call the surf industry and professional surfing. I get so gosh dang tired of hearing about who switched sponsors and how so and so got robbed at the last contest, and who is partying way too hard, and what company is cool (this month), and which humans are worth our attention and which humans are old news and lame…..well Tommo just never ever seems to go to that ugly place of who’s who and what’s what in the industry… just don’t hear him talk much about it at all, unless he has something good to say. Meanwhile, he carries on ripping the bag out of each new swell, and going out fishing in the waters off his beloved gulf coast.

Ricky Schaffer

Energy, energy, energy is the name of this grom’s game. Well he’s not really a grom as far as years on this earth, but when it comes to the stoke factor, he’s always running at full tilt level 10….and as far as looking at the world through the eyes of a grommet, he is very much living in that place. The buckets that fly from his fins on his backhand are some of the most monumental in the business to this day. On crowded days at the best spots, he catches more set waves than anybody I know….it’s miraculous. I try to paddle to position myself right next to him in the line-up when we surf to get a few extra sets to myself and I still don’t come close to his wave count…..aaarrgghhhh. Currently residing in Venice Beach, you’ll find Ricky popping up just about anywhere on the entire coast depending on the swell….in fact you probably already know Ricky….I think just about everybody everywhere knows Ricky…..he’s one of those charismatic characters that seeks to shine a light into pretty much everybody’s life that he crosses paths with.

 Greg Strugach

I’ve known Greg since I was a grommet; back when three sessions a day was the norm, and it seemed like summertime lasted for years. He was a natural born ripper from day one and always one of the standouts at the local SoCal pointbreak where we grew up surfing. Greg has always been quiet and courteous in the lineup, never snaking anybody or calling anyone out or throwing tantrums. Quietly stoked, he has the gift of impeccable positioning and seems to always be getting the best waves; obliterating lips and displacing water for days ala ‘Occy buckets’. And yea, his personality is super reserved, but when he does speak, he unintentionally has some of the most classic, off the wall funniest things I’ve ever heard anyone say….it’s usually with this like monotone poker face…it takes a second or two to process what he has just said, then you both realize how crazy funny it is and erupt laughing uncontrollably. When I started shaping boards, Greg was the first pro to try them and shortly after became my first official teamrider…that was a huge stoker for me back then and still is today. I remember being so stoked to see someone lighting it up at my local spot on a board I had made….and he’s still lighting it up every time he hits the water…..where a very common thing to hear is, “Wow, how sick would it be to be able to surf like ‘Strugee’!! One of my all time favorite people to go on a surf trip with.

Jay Rice

Jay Rice is a great surfer that doesn’t follow the crowd. A San Clemente local who surfs for all the right reasons as far as I’m concerned. Everytime I surf with Jay he’s always stoked just to be in the water & has a positive outlook in general. You wouldn’t think it by looking at him though. Usually dressed in black with no labels, except for the occasional underground punk band or some obscure core symbol you’ve never seen before. I think he shopped once at an army surplus store or thrift shop & I don’t think he’s bought new clothes since. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been surfing & the recognized rippers are out with all the latest stickers on their boards; photographers on the beach… and here comes Jay blowin’ up under the radar… The heads turn and they say “who was that?”

 Paul Pence

Paul is without a doubt one of the most stoked surfers out there. Always amped, he juggles fatherhood & work, with relentless drive competing in the Christian Surfing Federations /Surfride contest series & frequently bringing home the season championship title. Paul tunes in with precision to hone his quiver, tapping into each board’s uniqueness & ideal conditions. His positive and thankful attitude infiltrates the lineups wherever he’s out.


Todd’s Take on the Team/Family

I make boards for a lot of different people and as far as I’m concerned, whoever is stoked on life, stoked on surfing and riding a Proctor is part of the team; part of the family. Check in regularly to read profiles about real people; rippers, cruisers, pros, blue collar, corporate, bruthas and sistas…surfers that have a story.