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Shortboards for Average Surf & Groveling

Groveler Surfboards

Hideojet / Hideoscillous
pavarotti groveler surfboard xtr
monstroscillous groveler surfboard
zipstitch groveler surfboard
falcon v2 groveler surfboard
Falcon V2
pipsqueak compact groveler shortboard surfboard
greased pig shortboard
Greased Pig
accelerator shortboard

For lackluster or marginal surf and waves that are less than perfect.

A groveler surfboard will provide that added momentum that allows you to have a blast surfing even when conditions are poor. Since most surfers don’t have access to perfect waves all the time, grovelers are a key ingredient in your surfboard quiver.

In average or mediocre conditions, our Proxy epoxy construction in it’s basic form or other upgrade iterations offers additional positive flex and recoil. When the wave doesn’t give you much to push back on, the board itself will infuse momentum and positive flex. It is lighter weight, more springy, and has a higher durability.

If you’ve been wanting to experience our eps/epoxy construction, this is an excellent category of surfboards to try it on. Whichever construction you go with, all of Todd’s groveler models are targeted to transform your surfing in marginal conditions from the small wave boo-hoo’s to the small wave woo-hoo’s! 

zipstajet ricky loop
5'10" X 19 3/4" X 2 5/8" 33.3L ZIPSTITCH FOR RICKY 52/6'0"/185 LB​

Airbrush, Resin Art, Tints, Digital Prints