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Handmade in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Longboards | Performance, Classic, Noseriders

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Longboards to satisfy seasoned professionals, beginners, noseriders, classics, vintage, and everyone in between

Todd Proctor’s lineup of longboards have been perfected and tuned over 30 years. You will see performance models, performance noseriders, classic longboards, logs, mods, vintage and mini’s in the lineup. Each has it’s place and following.

The most versatile longboard in our line is the HPLB Performance Longboard. Don’t let the name fool you though. It’s one of the easiest for a beginner to learn on while allowing for the most progressive performance longboard surfing possible – as Larry Ugale demonstrates.

Todd has personally discovered that his Mod Fortress classic style log is an amazing addition to the quiver when it’s flat for weeks at a time. He pulls out ole trusty and can still enjoy that water time with some noseriding, trim and glide and he’s found it makes him a better shortboarder too. If you know, you know. 

So stay in the water and stay surfing no matter what the waves have on offer. Setup a time to detail your custom longboard directly with Todd. He will take his decades of experience in working directly with individual surfers to lead you to the longboard that best suits your needs.

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