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The Ultimate Crosstrainer for Surfing inlayed with Todd Proctor's original Pipeline painting

Give the gift of a Custom Surfboard detailed directly with Todd. Dollar amount of your choice.

Fish Project:
Twin Rascal fish surfboard shaped by Todd Proctor of Proctor Surfboards

Three fishes, same dims, same outlines, same rails, same glass, same blank, three slightly different tail rockers, one different tail, one with glass-ons and a trailer, and two with 7” keels. AND THE WINNER IS >>

Three fishes, same dims, same outlines, same rails, same glass, same blank, three slightly different tail rockers ... AND THE WINNER IS >>

And the Winner is ....

Fish #3 (the red one) with more tail rocker, the stealthy shallow swallowtail ‘pizza slice’ so you can get your foot way back, the glass-on True Ames twins with small trailer, single-to-double-to-spiral vee hull contour, flat deck, u-deck, with tapered downrails especially thinned out through the fins for bite and responsiveness. I also placed the fin cluster closer together on this one i.e. by moving the front fins further back and the back fin further up to pull a nice tight arc in turns.

Proctor PowerBroker Fins MADE IN THE USA

Introducing HANDMADE in the USA, 🇺🇸 CNC custom Proctor Power Broker XL Fin template in solid bright white pigmented fiberglass, just rolled off the presses..... These fins will all be made right here in our own town. Super-tuned high performance foils. Extra large base = tons of drive. Foiled tip = recoil through second half of turns.

custom crafted in ventura, ca
custom crafted in ventura, ca

since '92

Procco 20/30 Shaper Breakdown


custom shaped velocimonsta shortboard by proctor surfboards
custom Procco 20/30 shortboard surfboard for Jake Davis
custom shortboard surfboard model Procco 20/30 shaped by Todd Proctor
Pete & Kepa Mendia custom shortboards shaped by Todd Proctor
mendia lugo surfing hack
one board can drastically transform your surfing experience … a surfboard is unlike any other kind of sports equipment, otherworldly energy, like tapping into something spiritual from beyond
Proctor PowerBroker Fins MADE IN THE USA
custom crafted in ventura, ca
Procco 20/30 Shaper Breakdown
mendia lugo surfing hack

Consult with the shaper to get the ideal board for you

I believe a magic surfboard is as important and life-changing to the working-class surfer’s journey as it is to the best surfers in the world…

. . . where the connections we make with people are as important to us as the custom boards we build for them . . .
–Todd Proctor

how to order your surfboard

ordering options

our specialty

Todd will take the time to discuss your surfing journey & profile with you, using his 30 years of experience to guide you into your next ideal board, determining which configuration of board specs (ie. surfboard model, dimensions, volume, construction, tail shape, etc.) will best fill in your quiver and suit your particular needs and target wave type / conditions.

buy off the floor

Ready to pickup from our showroom or to ship door-to-door worldwide direct: in-stock inventory of our most magical boards from over the years & models we build a lot of with consistently positive feedback from a broad cross-section of all kinds of surfers. An outlet for your “I need a magic board and I need it now!” desires. Updated regularly.

1-2 week stock option

A wide variety of our most proven & popular shapes offering a more curated collection of customization options during checkout. You can choose your preferred construction/dims/fin system but still get your board more quickly when the need arises. A great balance between a custom & a stock board.  

The best way to purchase the surfboard that’s right for you. By custom surfboard we mean that Todd will take the time to consult with you directly, finding out about your surfing journey, profile, wave type, experience level, and surfing goals in order to determine with you which board model, dimensions, construction, and other specs will most effectively meet your needs and equip you for your best possible surfing journey.

While Todd does design many “concept” or one-off boards specifically for a certain individual surfers, this “custom order” does not necessarily entail that.  The vast majority of the time it simply involves having him guide you into the right board for you based on his 30 years of experience working with a wide variety of surfers and his expertise on how his shapes work and which configuration of ingredients will translate to your particular needs and situation.

Many surfers say, “I’m not good enough to need a custom board”. The truth is that having Todd walk with you through detailing your board to be right for you is equally as important to the beginner, intermediate or seasoned surfer at any stage of their surfing progression, enhancing the stoke you enjoy during those precious hours in the waves.


Our custom boards are the same price as the stock boards. We simply believe in offering direct interaction with Todd in detailing your board if you so desire.

We are committed to making highest quality, custom surfboards, manufactured from start to finish in our factory in Ventura, CA. Surfboards built by hand in the USA, using highest grade materials, are more costly and labor intensive to produce. Yet, this is the model that enables the shaper to maintain essential hands-on interaction with the design and production process, and which sustains the synergy of shaper and surfer for the best possible equipment.

How does a custom surfboard order work?

  1. Todd will detail all aspects of your board design, model, dimensions, specs, fins, graphics, and go over any details you desire such as rocker, hull contours, tail shape, rail volume, etc during this consultation & collaborate with you to get you dialed into the board that’s ideal for you. If you wish to discuss custom graphics please make sure to e-mail us examples of anything you want to reference during the phone call ahead of time. You can browse our art galleries here for ideas. Please be prepared to finalize all details of your custom order during this single one-on-one with Todd as we do not make changes to custom orders after the fact and this is the time during which Todd will be completely focused on your personal surfing journey, preferences & goalsConsults typically run 10-30 minutes & are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  2. Don’t overthink it. Todd has been custom tuning boards for individual surfers of all experience levels in all sorts of conditions worldwide for 30 years & will ask you the questions he needs to know to properly advise you. Just make sure you answer honestly. The more info you provide to us about what you are riding now (ie. full dimensions/volume if available, etc) and your personal surfing journey, the better. Any questions you want to discuss with him we recommend having written up in a list that you email over or have in front of you so you won’t forget.
  3. Custom orders are started with a down payment of 50%. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX, DEBIT/CHECK CARD, money orders, zelle bank transfers, wire transfers, and cash. All sales are final & down payment is non-refundable.
  4. Charissa will process your down payment and e-mail you a detailed sales order & work order showing the board specifications, and payment & shipping information so you will have copies of all of this for your own records. You will also receive an invite to our customer portal where you can setup a password associated with your e-mail address and can access your board history and profile with Proctor Surfboards at anytime. You can also message us from within the portal and process payments. 
  5. Custom orders are completed in approximately 4-12+ weeks, depending on a variety of variables. We offer various rush expedite options for those who need a guaranteed turnaround. Standard turnaround time estimates are approximate & may fluctuate in order to maintain our vision for quality & precision. We will call or e-mail you when your board is nearly finished. At that time we will process final payment and arrange for pickup or shipping, depending upon your preference.

    If you’re eager to snap up a board on the quick & don’t want to wait for a custom detailed directly with Todd, you can purchase from this collection of stock boards regularly going through our production for the showroom. You’ll be able to select from curated popular models, options & dims to get what you want with a general lead time of approximately 2 weeks.

  6. Feel free to check in with Charissa at any time regarding the status of your custom order or with questions about accessories, the board, shipping, or anything else we can help you with. We offer a full line of board bags, tail pads, fins, leashes, ding repair, etc. You can add on surf accessories to your custom board order at a 20% discount.