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Proctor Surfboards Worldwide Custom

Custom Surfboards Built in Ventura, California since 1992

Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

Proctor Surfboards Worldwide Custom

Custom Surfboards Built in Ventura, California since 1992

What we get stoked on here at Proctor Surfboards is building relationships…making the board that’s right for you.

No pop-outs. No outsourcing. No marketing team. What you see is who we are. Every surfboard has a story. Every surfer has a story.

Shaping custom surfboards for 30 years… Todd’s story. Daily interaction, innovation, and inspiration. No compromise on quality.

Not making a scene, making a difference. Remember – the best surfers in the world are the ones having the most fun!
It’s your board . . . talk to the shaper.

Our specialty is Building Surfboards to Order For Surfers Worldwide Direct

Handmade with Excellence & Built to Last by Crafstmen who Love Surfing.

Custom Surfboards detailed with the Shaper

Find your perfect surfboard in consult with Todd

I had a vision for a 100% environmentally friendly surfboard factory dedicated purely to the individual custom approach, working directly with surfers. A place where anyone can get the same detailed attention that most companies provide only to the main team guys;  where every board can be one-of-a-kind, design-wise, to match the kinds of waves each person surfs and the direction they want to take their surfing.

–Todd Proctor

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custom order surfboards

Todd will take the time to discuss your surfing journey & profile with you, using his 30 years of experience to guide you into your next ideal board, determining which configuration of board specs (ie. surfboard model, dimensions, volume, construction, tail shape, etc.) will best fill in your quiver and suit your particular needs and target wave type / conditions.

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Ready to pickup from our showroom or to ship door-to-door worldwide direct: in-stock inventory of our most magical boards from over the years & models we build a lot of with consistently positive feedback from a broad cross-section of all kinds of surfers. An outlet for your “I need a magic board and I need it now!” desires. Updated regularly.

1-2 week stock option

stock quick-build surfboards

A wide variety of our most proven popular shapes offering a more curated collection of customization options during checkout. You can choose your preferred construction/dims/fin system but still get your board more quickly when the need arises. A great balance between a custom & a stock board.  

I believe a magic surfboard is as important and life-changing to the working-class surfer’s journey as it is to the best surfers in the world.

–Todd Proctor