The Wizard of Oz: Jarrah draws some Margie’s arcs on a J-bay kine wall at an off-track dreamtime corner wedge...when walkabouts turn violent.
6’0” x 19” x 2 9/16” 30L #Holyrollersurfboard formerly known as the Killa Cali Hustla’ - this board is quickly gaining international accolades so we had to adjust its name to cover a broader spectrum. WWJD was also a question we had to ask ourselves.


Holy Roller

a compact step-up

>> Fuller nose and a swept back tail; paddles like a big gun, but in a shorter, compact step-up.

>> an exaggerated hydrofoil creates

turbulence-smoothing regulatable top speed

>> Modular dissonance reduction resulting in supernatural flow.



>> the quintessential EVERYDAY board


>> no groveler in history covers as much ground on rail

. . . for zippin' across and stitchin' it up



a small wave whipper

>> a new paradigm of grip and glide for the modern fish

a board for big guys to rip on ...
biblical buckets & goliath turns

flyin lion logo

" . . . this thing is a sharpshooter . . . this board my friend feels insane!"

– Pete Mendia

the 'Jetstream' - a hydrofoilesque hull

ask for it on your next board

>> for guttin' biggies

>> a travel board ... a good waves board

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Mission Statement

What we get stoked on here at Proctor Surfboards is building relationships…making the board that’s right for you.
No pop-outs. No outsourcing. No marketing team.
What you see is who we are.

Every surfboard has a story. Every surfer has a story.
Shaping custom surfboards for 25 years… Todd’s story.
Daily interaction, innovation, and inspiration.
No compromise on quality.
Not making a scene, making a difference.

Remember – the best surfers in the world are the ones having the most fun!
 It’s your board . . . talk to the shaper.

What is unique about the boards you shape?

I believe that true success is marked by how well you identify with the individual surfer. By going on a journey of discovery I guess you could say with each and every person I make boards for. Finding out what is going to be the best possible board for them. To take each person as a separate entity, one at a time, case by case; By asking the right questions, and really listening to them…the reality is that it is possible to take all the current design elements out there, and narrow them down to produce that perfect, magic board for each person wanting to take their experience to the next level. For this, I do not lock myself into one type or style of board for one particular cross-section of surfer(s), but draw from all that has come before design-wise and keep an open mind ready to receive downloads from the creator of all things as to what is around the next bend….and at the end of each day, my goal and what is unique about the boards I shape, is that my ultimate desire is to be a blessing to people by giving them something one-of-a-kind for their own journey. For me, board models are just the beginning, the starting place, the jumping off points that commence a beautiful journey.SignatureWhite

the journey is the destination…

…equipping you for the journey



What’s your shaping philosophy?

Watch, feel, listen, create. Watch what the waves are doing so you can match the appropriate curves of a board’s design to the curve of each specific wave. Feel what the boards are doing under your feet; this is as valuable as second-hand feedback. Listen to each person that is ordering a board from me as if they are as important as the best surfer in the world. Create what is going to be the best board for that surfer by matching up the design of the board to the specific waves they are surfing and their abilities. A magic board will take you beyond what you are expecting to do on a wave….a magic board will feel like it is actually thinking a split hair second ahead of you; already on it’s way to the places you wanna be.


Who is your biggest shaping influence?

My dad. He was actually a police officer, but he taught me the importance of honor and courage in this world, and the value of being able to stand alone for what you believe in, and to always do your best and that the true and right path requires endurance.