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Handmade in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Customize a Surfboard with expert guidance from shaper Todd Proctor. Increase Your Surfing Stoke!

Expert guidance from shaper Todd Proctor

We believe that the best and most proven way to connect each surfer with their ideal surfboard,

from beginner to expert, is through our custom order process. Consult with our shaper, Todd Proctor, to determine the board model ideally suited to your experience level, style, goals and wave type. This is the proven method we have perfected over 30 years. Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback on our custom surfboard ordering process, we are committed to offering this model to surfers worldwide direct.

Ensure that when you purchase a surfboard, you get the board that will take you to the next level in your surfing experience and enhance your stoke levels in enjoyment of the sport.

Benefits of ordering a custom surfboard

For some people a custom surfboard equips them to  hone expert skills to their highest level. For others it will consist of advancing from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Surfers adjusting to life with kids or away from the coast and less surf time, have let us know that their custom Proctor surfboard has been transformative in maximizing the potential of those few hours in the waves. If you are surfing after or with injuries, Todd takes into account your body mechanics and specific physical limitations when designing your custom surfboard.

Another critical surfboard design aspect to consider is adjusting volume and design features to enable you to continue enjoying and improving your surfing skill well into your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Big Guys who shortboard have often felt left out

of the standard shop dimensions on offer. Todd has devoted over 15 years specifically to strategic design to make volume-appropriate shortboards that match your stature if you’re a bigger surfer. Having a volume appropriate shortboard makes all the difference. As you know if you’re a bigger guy, most shops don’t carry shortboards in your dimensions. Our Monstachief line has transformed the surfing experience of countless surfers who need more volume but did not want to be forced into midlengths or longboards, because they love shortboarding.

Custom surfboard ordering process

You are not limited to a list of stock dimensions. Todd has a vast array of proven, popular, well-loved shapes in every surfboard category: such as fish, grovelers, shortboards, step-ups, guns, midlengths, longboards, etc.. These can be tuned and tweaked for your particular body mechanics or preferences. He also creates one-off or concept boards regularly for surfers who desire something more one-of-a-kind or have an idea they would like to explore.

Whichever direction you want to go, keep in mind that you don’t need to know ahead of time exactly what you want. Part of the synergy is in the conversation you share with Todd. He asks the questions that help him to best guide you onto the ideal equipment. Matching the surfer to the right board will make your surfing journey that much more rewarding and fun. And having a seasoned surfboard shaper assist you in finding this perfect surfboard is an undeniable benefit.

Using 30 years of shaping experience to equip you with the right board

Todd has been shaping boards for surfers worldwide direct for 30 years. He loves translating the algorithms and nuances of what makes boards work best into that magic board specifically for you, as an individual unique surfer. We believe in building to need, building to last, and building boards that bring the most stoke to your surfing experience. 

We look forward to equipping you for your surfing journey!

Aloha, Todd & Charissa Proctor

Order your Surfboard. Setup an Appointment with Todd.

We look forward to equipping you for the journey! Todd will reference your surfing profile as entered below during consult.

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Why I specialize in custom surfboards

todd and charissa proctor of proctor surfboards

I believe that true success is marked by how well you identify with the individual surfer.

By going on a journey of discovery with each and every person I make boards for and finding out what’s going to be the best surfboard for them. By taking each person as a separate entity, one at a time, case by case. By asking the right questions, and really listening to them.

At the end of each day, my ultimate desire is to give each surfer something one-of-a-kind for their own surfing journey. For me, surfboard models are just the beginning, the starting place, the jumping-off points that commence a beautiful journey.

I look forward to working with you to detail the ideal custom surfboards to take you to the next level, equipping you for the journey and maximizing your stoke in the water.

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The goal being to take the time to make great boards that perfectly match the surfer, no matter who they are, and building them to last.

—Todd Proctor