Custom Decorative & Branded Surfboards

Whether you’re looking to infuse a working or living space with the soulful vibe of a surfboard that is branded with company logos, custom art, or signage …. or if you are seeking a one-of-a-kind gift for a special someone or group, a prize for an event or promotion, or just have some amazing art you’d like to bring to life on a surfboard, the sky’s the limit. We do one-offs as well as runs of uniquely themed boards for boutiques, restaurants, homes, business venues, brands, television shows, and so much more. Decorative surfboards and branded surfboards deliver a special style to any venue and can be completely customized directly with us to achieve your vision. We will advise you of the best way to go about designing your custom decorative surfboard. Decorative & Branded Surfboards can be constructed as purely decorative or as fully functional, your choice. Some ideas pictured in the collection below. But we custom pretty much anything you can imagine.

keep in mind

regarding artwork

All artwork is done by hand & subject to variance.

We believe this contributes to the fundamental value of handmade, custom-built surfboards & delivers a desirable final aesthetic.

We do offer the rare option to do custom resin art on our epoxy boards. Just keep in mind that since epoxy resin is milky, not clear – and due to the high grade S-glass & more visible bead of eps foam; you may see a whitish hazyness and more organic textures where the paint or pigment intersect with the materials comprising the structural integrity of your board. We will always hold functional considerations as preeminent over aesthetic.