Surfer Candids: Zipstitch Surfboard Review, Ricky talks Zipstitch

5’10” x 19 3/4” x 2 5/8” 33.5L in ridiculite epoxy construction.


/ˌyo͞okəˈtastrəfē/ - when catastrophic circumstances are hijacked and some form of good triumphs. It's “the sudden joyous turn.” The eucatastrophe says that just when all hope appears to be lost, just when circumstances cannot get much bleaker, hope emerges.

This board design is Todd's quest to take a weapon of mass destruction and re-imagine it into a blueprint for accelerating new speeds into your surfboard. Illustrating how, at times, what was meant for evil can be used for good.

5'7" x 19 1/4" x 2 3/8" 29L for Damien Hobgood. 5'8"/168lb

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shaper breakdown


A high performance groveler for detonating small waves. For zippin’ across and stitchin’ it up.

A New Covenant / A New Kind of Surfing:

For the everyday core score blue collar wave rider.

Have you noticed how, even on the world tour, surfers are coming off of the bottom with way less on-rail drive than Tom Curren and Mark Occhilupo exhibited in the 80’s?

Two stage, double-pump, even triple pump bottom turns that seem real twitchy and sticky and tight in off the trough. It seems like there ought to be more area on the wave face to be covered while accelerating your speed; and without a motor on your board or paddle in your hand. More flow between maneuvers, less wiggles with random acts of acrobatics; and more setting on rail in continuous motion…it’s just so much more elegant. Bring on the bigger airs and crazy gymnastics that’s epic, but can we please have the flow back. Can we have both? Can these two worlds join hands and bring their bounties to the everyday frother?

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That’s exactly the thought process behind an out of the box board design my buddy Ricky and I have been test driving since summer ‘18- the #Zipstitchsurfboard. It has a hull that has been gutted and channeled and sluiceboxed beyond what seemed reasonable…and guess what my friends??…it has been a sweet sweet breakthrough surprise that creates unfathomable glide with grip, so much so that it cleans up your style while drawing out your lines and detonating up the pocket with more speed and more power.

It’s kind of a simple concept: create a board that has so much lift that you can stay on the tail block and steer; it’s a new kind of surfing actually…it eliminates the tendency to lean forward and try to get drive off your front foot. Since there is sooo much lift in the tail all the body weight and energy shifts straight over the back kick on the tail block.

It’s like riding a Persian stallion or some kind of wild animal with unbridled enthusiasm; where you don’t have to whip and kick it like a mule to get it to go. Instead you hold loosely onto the reigns and let it run wild with the slightest pull this way or that and you are going there.

TEST SPOT #1 | Surfline Cam Rewind

This clip was from an “test drive” day a couple days ago. First we took it to a bending back at ya, clam-shelling point in good overhead conditions to see how quick in the pocket the wide outline would go. Next we took it to a mushy chunky point with deep spots and sections that bent out and away to sea… on purpose to see how it did there…we wanted to see just how far down into the flats and around whitewater chunks this thing would motor; around large spans of territory, and if it would cover the expanses and stay in one constant speed of motion, and on rail the whole time. To go with speed where shortboards traditionally haven’t been able to go, and without hopping or bouncing or triple pumping around sections to get where you wanna go. Watch these clips. Something is happening. It’s exciting because it lets us, the normal surf-loving working class person go to places we’ve been limited to just because traditional boards wouldn’t go there…and it makes it easy (once you get your back foot on that tail block) you can literally motor around wherever you want.

TEST SPOT #2 | Surfline Cam Rewind



Zipstitch popular dimensions

all boards can be completely customized during custom order process