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Custom Built in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

Rascal Series modern fish surfboards

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A surfboard series that all started with the Lil’ Rascal modern performance fish.

It loves to rocket on 2 foot gutless days when most people are running for their longboards. Additional Rascal Series surfboard models have been added to the lineup over the years due to the overwhelming love for our original Rascal. Each model is designed for specific varieties of conditions and styles.

This is the fastest, funnest line of boards I make for those of you who find yourselves surfing in small, weak, mushy,

slopey, sectiony pointbreak waves ala 1st point Malibu, Leo Carrillo, Churches, etc…  You don’t have to ride a longboard on those days anymore. This modern fish surfboard has better traction than your typical retro-style speeders. Todd has combined it’s rocker with more performance shapes as well for those who want to keep the feel of their beloved Rascal when surfing a groveler or shortboard.

apache surfboard carbon footprint air shot with surfer forrest