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5 fin setup

This gives you the option to ride your board as a thruster or quad depending on the conditions. Experiment around with what you prefer…sort of like getting two boards in one!

at an additional $45 ($65 for FCSII)


Colored Futures Fins ILT boxes (no upcharge)

You can choose any of the color options offered by Future Fins on your next board. Feel free to mix & match. No extra charge

Choose from: ‘Merlot’ Burgundy, ‘Graphite’ Grey, ‘Jade’ Teal, White, Black

Power Broker FCS or Futures Compatible


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FCS II keyless fin system

FCS has launched their new keyless fin system and Todd digs it. Request FCS II on your next board [Comes standard with FCS II keyless composite fins. Todd recommends the Performance Core Carbon ($110) FCSII fins, which are the best for performance and template options. FCS II fin boxes will still work fine with all of your traditional tab-based FCS fins, and they will actually be even more flush to the board with no leading edge. The new boxes have the ability to use screws and any FCS fin template, so you can keep using your old fins in addition to using the new keyless fins specially designed to work with the FCS II boxes.