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Handmade in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Resin Tints

Keep in mind…

All artwork is done by hand & subject to variance.

We believe this contributes to the fundamental value of handmade, custom-built surfboards & delivers a desirable final aesthetic.

We do offer the rare option to do custom resin art on our epoxy boards. Just keep in mind that since epoxy resin is milky, not clear – and due to the high grade S-glass & more visible bead of eps foam; you may see a whitish hazyness and more organic textures where the paint or pigment intersect with the materials comprising the structural integrity of your board. We will always hold functional considerations as preeminent over aesthetic.

We can ship anywhere in the USA and worldwide direct. We have an exceptional packaging strategy to protect the surfboards in transit and always fully insure our shipments.

Fun Fact…

Resin tints are achieved by mixing tints into the resin. You can choose a color for each side of your board, and the resulting color on the rail will be where the two colors cross over one another, creating a third color or shade.