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Thousands of years ago, the world was in need of a saviour. Today, the world still needs a Saviour. But there’s simply nobody who can do the job. History seems to be showing us over and over that no person will ever be able to untangle the mess. Whoever, whatever you’re looking for to make it all right; it’s going to disappoint you and fail you, maybe sooner maybe later. These last few years have really begun to show us the truth of this reality.

…But then a baby was born…

In a humblest way. In a barn next to farm animals. In a manner of neediness and fragile vulnerability. Delivered to a family that was the poorest of the poor. And the child was the all-powerful creator of everything / God / King of the physical universe and all spiritual domains beyond it. “But that’s impossible, we say, there is no god, we all know the human race just appeared out of nowhere from a big bang that exploded out of nothing, and we’ve randomly evolved into what we are today…so what, is baby Jesus gonna save you? Ha that’s a myth created by man to control people. There’s so many other myths just like it throughout history. C’mon everybody knows that!”

…But what if?

What if that thing called love that we can all agree is the one thing that truly conquers evil…

Yes, L-O-V-E, that thing that is ‘the answer’, that thing that ‘conquers all’, that thing that ‘the world needs now’, that thing that is ‘all you need’…what if the source of love is God? What if the story is true? What if that baby did come to save you? “Well, that’s just ridiculous” you say, “I don’t need him.” I don’t need to be saved.” “I don’t need to be forgiven.” “That’s for weak people.”

So I ask you, how can you know why you’re here? How can you know what is the point / the purpose of your life? How should I live? What’s the truth? Here today, gone tomorrow, poof, live it up? The little baby born in a barn grew up to say that he is “the way, the truth and the life.” What exactly does that mean?

What if it means exactly what it sounds like it means? What if that little baby came here to save you…from yourself? Selflessly became the most helpless little fleshy human baby creature in order to grow up to live in a way so perfectly perfect and impossibly unlike any human ever has, to overwhelmingly love on such a scale that the world could not understand it, and would ultimately kill him for it? Sounds like something the world would do… and it sounds like the kind of love only a perfect God is capable of. So why would he do that? Why would he make a messed up world he would need to save in the first place?

Why would he want to save us if all we do is thrash each other and thrash the planet? I don’t know. I can’t answer the ‘why’ question. I don’t think any person adequately can.

But maybe by not answering the “why”question (because it would probably go over our head anyway since he’s God); maybe knowing our temporal finite-ness, he is showing us the answer to the “how” question…”how” our souls can be satisfied and saved; how our race can be restored? He did say as he was being led with a cross across his back, “I have come to make all things new.” For me personally (and probably you feel as well), this world is in a terrible shambles,

yet at the same time it’s filled with beauty that peeks through the cracks in such magnificent ways it takes your breath away. Maybe the reason is because this is God’s world and it’s been under siege by malevolent forces?

What if God is writing a story that’s amazing and dramatic, scary and beautiful, full of pitfalls and dangers, and ecstatic triumphs all at the same time, all in real-time. And outside of time and space he’s written us into the story; written us into an adventure that eclipses any other myth or story ever written.

The one true myth that all other myths are measured by. Maybe that’s why great stories of struggle and triumph against all odds resonate so deeply within the human experience?

And maybe we’ve been created for this story, not because he’s needy for us to meet something lacking in his character, but because of love, he wants us in this great adventure with him. Maybe, like any healthy relationship, He didn’t make us to be robots or synthetic computer programs that are formatted to have to love him back. But maybe he lets us choose with our own free will whether we will decide to get to know who he really is? If he really is? Maybe his ways are very very different from our ways? So different that he places value on very different things than we do.

Maybe that’s what that little baby, when he grew up meant when he said, “Those that wish to preserve their life will surely lose it, but those that selflessly give up their life for my sake will truly find it…both in this life and the life to come.”

I ask you please consider today who this child is that came and eventually gave up their life so that you could truly live. It is the greatest gift of all time. It is the reason we give one another gifts at Christmas. He said, “If you seek for me with all your heart you will truly find me.” This year I ask you to seek the truth about this baby with all your heart. I know you will find that which your heart most longs for.

Merry Christmas from the Proctors.