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ZipstaJet Chronicles

This just in: today’s #Zipstajet chronicles …

we have a story fresh in from San Clemente….where my friend Ricky let his friend Stephen try this orange 5’11” x 19 3/4” x 2 5/8” 33L #exoskeletonsurfboard  construction epoxy swallowtail.

Stephen, who is a 40-something, is a normal hard working American guy who simply loves surfing….Stephen proceeded to get these two waves (and many more) with all frothy manner of big smiles…

and so the story goes that he’s ridden ‘lots’ of boards from lots of places but he felt something ‘different’ something ‘new’ like an extra engine he hasn’t felt before…now he’s got three custom freshies in the pipeline. This guy and surfers like him are the heartbeat behind the concept for this new board model.

Because the journey is the destination.