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Still the best surfboard I’ve ever ridden

Aloha Todd,

I just got back from the HASA State championships and wanted to share how it went with you. I really wanted to do good from the start of this contest and through all of my rounds of competition I kept praying to make it and make it, and finally after surfing 3 stacked heats, I made it to finals. The waves were alright and my competition was tough. Some of the best surfers from all of Hawaii. I started the heat with a solid wave and I was stoked but then about 7 minutes went by and I still hadn’t gotten another wave and finally I paddled a little bit inside and snagged a fun double up and worked it as hard as possible. In the finals, I ended up getting 2nd place! I’m sooo stoked, and I am so surprised. I definitely exceeded my own expectations for this contest so I feel great! I think I will be competing in California for Surfing America Championships at Huntington sometime in Summer, but we’ll see. Anyway, wanted to let you know how I did. Sorry for writing the longest e-mail ever! Hope all is well for everyone!

Aloha, Forrest Troxell, 16, Hana, HI

Todd, I am seriously freaking out on how amazing the new Flexible Epoxy is.? I have never ridden a faster, more maneuverable/better board in my life.

I have been lucky enough to score some great surf this last week and it’s given me a great opputunity to get familiar with the board.? I’m still in shock on how sick it is!??

Hey Todd, it’s definitely been a while, what’s up man!

I wanted to update you with a few pics and a little vid of me on the epoxy.

Still works amazing. I got my Rusty about a week ago and I surfed it, and I compared the epoxy to that Rusty in the same waves; the Proctor wins the battle hands down.

Still the best surfboard I’ve ever ridden.

I found that super cool!? Anyway, here’s the stuff:

Forrest Troxell, 16, Hana, HI – 5’11 3/4″ x 17 3/4″ x 2″ SR72 v.3 Proctor Custom Epoxy “PROXY”



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