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Custom Built in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

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I could not imagine a better all around board

Dear Todd,

I just got back from surfing Cabo and I wanted to write and thank you for shaping such a great all around board for me. Two of my friends flew down on Thursday with the boards and I joined them late Friday night. Imagine my surprise when my board was all waxed and wet upon my arrival (thanks buddies).

Turns out, everyone wanted to surf the Proctor board because it was so much more fun than the other boards in the bag.

I surfed that 6’6” swallow tail at Zippers, the Rock, and 9 Palms and it performed wonderfully.

The surf ranged from head high mush on Friday to double overhead plus by Monday. The board was great fun in all of it.

I could not imagine a better all around board. It’s put a smile on my face in 3 foot Ventura and 12 foot Cabo.


It was surfed by me at 180 pounds and two friends, one at 160 and at 200+. We all loved it and they are going to be your next customers. Thanks again for making such a great board for me.

It’s definitely taken my surfing to the next level.

Regards, Alex Wulff, 35, Ventura, CA – 6’6″ x 2 1/8″ x 2 1/2″ Module Proctor Custom Epoxy “PROXY” Series