It was so much fun on every type of wave I tried it on

Hej Todd!!

Thank you so much for my board.
I love it soooooo much!!!!!
It is fully the coolest board!!! I would have written earlier, but I just got back into Sweden.

I spent the month in Cali trying out my new board. It was so much fun on every type of wave I tried it on. On top of being a wicked shape, the detail on it is killer and looks really cool when you’re riding a wave. I can’t wait to try it out here on some proper Swedish waves. Please keep the design on file, if this one gets hurt I fully want one just like it. Take care and hope you’re having a great summer!!!!

Stor Stor Kram Andrea, Sweden
custom shortboard

finally we got some surf up here….:)
so I got the little board into some surf yesterday, probably the third time on the board and it works great. I am super comfortable on it, it catches waves easy, and is fun to ride. The little board pushes me to surf better, as it is exactly the step up in performance that I needed….

This is the only the 5th time I have custom ordered boards, mostly because it seems that shapers listen while you are in the shop, and then do their own thing in the shaping bay, and I haven’t generally gotten the board I asked for.

You made the right boards for me- I really appreciate it!

surfboard review: custom shortboards

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