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I am never going back to longboarding ever again!

Todd and Charissa,

The boards made it all in one piece! They look amazing! I can’t wait to ride it!!!! Thank you both so much for all the attention and patience!!!!!

The Twin Fang is absolutely beautiful! It is exactly how I imagined it..only better in real life! It is the perfect size and width. The red and yellow is amazing!! I am so happy to have you both as family and I am very excited to see the next piece of art. This Twin Fang is a fantastic addition to an already beautiful quiver.
God bless you both and stay well.

Ronnie Santaniello- Yokosuka, Japan
Twin Fang 6’6″ 22″x 2 7/8

Todd and Charissa,

OK, I got the board out yesterday and it paddled like a longboard and smoked down the line like a jet!

It took me by surprise the first 5 or 6 rides because after 15 years of longboarding I never knew something can move that smooth and that fast…I was stoked! This board also had a lot of Japanese surfers asking who the shaper was and when this is coming to Japan! I guess first impressions are everything. Just to bad I don’t surf any where as great as Jay Phillips!!!!!! But after a few seasons on this Twin Fang…who knows! Thanks again Proctor family! You both are the BEST!

Ronnie Santaniello- Yokosuka, Japan
Twin Fang 6’6″ 22″x 2 7/8

Hi guys,

I finally got the Quad out and it was RAD!

I couldn’t believe how light and fast it was! It turns on a dime too!

The Twin Fang was a really good training tool because the transition was really, really easy! First day out and it was 6ft and FUN!

Thanks! I love it. I am never going back to longboarding ever again!


PROXY 6’6″ x 11 3/4″ x 19 5/8″ x 14 3/4″ x 2 5/8″
Four Leaf Clover Quad Fin

surfboard review: custom twin fin retro fish surfboards

Todd & Charissa,

Our boards got here yesterday. I was really stoked when I saw mine and couldn’t wait to get it wet. The timing couldn’t have been any better either. All last week was flat and today a pretty good bump came in. We had about a four hour clean head high session. The board performed just as I imagined,

it felt as if it were an extension of body.

I came in and I’m resting now. The afternoon should be a little onshore and about chest. I think I’ll give it a run as a twin. I haven’t retired the long but I don’t it’ll be seeing action for a while.

Muchos Thanks,

Andrew Durham
6’8″ x 22″ x 2 7/8″ Single Fang Retro Single-Fin Diamond Tail

surfboard review: custom single fin retro surfboards

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