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the 6’5″ Groveller IV/D.Y.L. quad

Hi Todd,
I’m loving the boards you’ve shaped me, especially the 6’5″ Groveller IV/D.Y.L. quad. It’s really quick and snappy.

In good chest to head high waves it makes me feel like a better and faster surfer than I really am!

I’d like to talk with you about a lil rascal quad. What length/width do you think would work best for me? I’m 6’2″ tall and 185 lbs. My regular shortboard is your 6’5″ x 19 5/8 and it works great for me unless the waves are really mushy, then I go to a thicker, wider and flatter hybrid shortboard/fish which is also a 6’5″.
For the rascal, I’m thinking in the range of 5’11” to 6’2″, but I guess it depends on the width and thickness so I want to leave it up to your judgement.
I’d like to go with your epoxy again, it’s amazingly durable (I STILL haven’t had a real ding on my 6’5″ in a year and a half!!!). I want to do a deck patch under my front foot.
I think I will finally break down and get some color on this board, maybe some kind of crazy orange/yellow/red/black mix or maybe blue and yellow, but I don’t have anything specific in mind here, so go nuts and make it look rad!
I’m available Friday anytime between noon and 5 PM if you have time for a quick call then, I think it will only take a couple minutes to talk through the details, then I’ll put down a deposit.

Jon Watschke, 33, Manhattan Beach
Custom Flexible Epoxy Proctor Surfboard: 6’5″ x 19 5/8″ x 2 3/8″ Groveler IV.sw,
Kevlar wrap, U-patch, Quad Fin

purpose magazine surfers
purpose magazine surfers (Jon Watschke far right)



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