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I only wish I had ordered this board last year


I surfed the new board in 1ft to 4ft Hawaiian, clean to ugly Ho’okipa conditions. I only wish I had ordered this board last year.

It does everything I want it to do.

You can delete the old hybrid file because this tail caves II fits my surfing perfectly.
This board is much faster getting into the wave as well as transitioning over the flat spots.

Rail to rail I feel I can set up the big snap with 100% confidence.

That was something I was missing with the other epoxy board, I was always fighting the bouyancy of the board while bottom turning. Anyways I have more control through my turns with the new board and it has a lot of whip. I can’t wait for my knee to be fully recovered so I can tweek the last bit of my turns, but all in good time.

I haven’t touched my magic polyester board since I’ve pulled yours out of the box….and I love that board!

Kenny Asahino, 34, Kahului, HI
Custom Proctor Epoxy “PROXY” Surfboard: 6’0″ x 18 1/4″ x 2 1/8″ Tail Caves II

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three years later…

I’m still riding the epoxy Tailcaves II and

it still doesn’t have any open dings

after three years.

The leash plug finally came out last month but the plastic cup stayed put. All I had to do was glue it back in and
reinforce it w/ cloth just in case.

Todd, I ride this board hard and I even put on

a little weight and the board only has a

shallow well where my backfoot goes.

I even put some mileage on my single fin too.  It’s a fun board to ride on the glassy overhead days when I want to get a laugh, but the occassional faceplants aren’t as funny. Sometimes I forget that bottom turning on that board takes a bit of finesse. Anyways, I got too many boards here, but I’m looking forward to my new Lil’ Rascal.  I just realized that I need something like it on Maui for summer and the inbetween swell days of winter.  Thanks again. Aloha.

-Kenny Asahino