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With all the speed of the Greased Pig I am starting to pull air

Hi Todd,
This is Mark from Taiwan.  Got the proxy Greased Pig in June, but we had the longest flat spell ever until last week we had some shoulder to head high Typhoon waves.

As usual the board works insane

and you got the volume just right,

It’s even faster and fits tighter in the pocket than my PU Greased Pig.  Thanks for another great board and my surfing is improving everyday.

I thought surfing would just go down hill after 40.

With all the speed of the Greased Pig

I am starting to pull air

on a regular basis and it’s only a matter of time before I  land them.
I saw your new creation The Monsta and the board looks and sounds insane.  My friend Mao Mao wrote to you to compare the Monsta with the Greased Pig, which is what I recommended him to get.
You said it’s faster, catches waves easier, fits in the pocket better and can surf bigger and smaller waves than the Greased Pig.
Sounds too good to be true!  I have to get one!
What dimensions would you recommend for me in proxy?  Would the Monsta work in Bali reef breaks?
Hope all is well,
Mark   5’9″  155 lb
Custom Proxy Epoxy Greased Pig  5’8″ x 18 5/8″ x 2 1/8″  Teamlite Glassing


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