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me and that board were one from the first wave

Hey Todd. Thanks for the input. It really helped me. Here is what I’m thinking. I guess I should stay to the more specifically designed guns for the bigger stuff. Here’s my reasoning for saying that and what I’m trying to put together.

I have a 6’0″ El Pavote.

6’2″ G4E.

6’2″ SR-71.6’4″ Blackbird.

All by the way are out of this world.

I will never buy from anyone else,

you got me dialed in to a T.

So my El Pavote as I see it has my smaller wave base covered, the G4E and Blackbird has evrything above that , and the SR-71 is for the Bread and Butter.

By the way I was in Puerto with that board

and it was solid 8-10 ft and

me and that board were one from the first wave.

Please keep that one on file for sure.

Me and my wife travel frequently and I have family in Hawaii so I would like to have some boards built for over there and Indo.

Pretty much whereever we go I want to have something I can go to.That said, I think I have my shortboard side of it all complete for the most part. My Blackbird being 6’4″ is the biggest out of your boards. And going to different places especially Hawaii I am going to need bigger boards, Bottom Line.

So I will need an Ante Up

I’m thinking how Tamayo had his set up.

Size I will leave to you. I might even need two. One bigger than the other. Im thinking 6’7″ and one maybe 6’10”. I will need one for when Pipe starts showing its colors, here I’m thinking Pipecleaner, maybe 7’2″ish. And one for big sunset/Pipe for here I was leaning twards the West Peak, maybe 7’10”-8’4.

And finally the gnarly Big Daddy for Da Bay/Mavs…

here goes back to the one you have on your showroom wall, the 10’2″.If you think that particular board would suit me I forget the width and thickness of it but atleast 3 plus inches thick for sure. In otherwords I dont want to big of a gap in the size’s of boards I have. If the surfs there then I wanna be prepared and I wanna do it on one of your boards. I like what you stand for and I think your the best shaper around so thats where Im putting my money. And these boards, call me particular but I like my boards to be as strong as possible(Super Duty) if you will.

Boards arent cheap and I want not only longevity with them but durability. Albeit I understand if I put it in the wrong place that not even triple 6oz. e glass will hold it intact. But you get where Im coming from.So In a nutshell that is what I’m looking to accomplish with the remainder of my quiver. Tell me what you think and I hope that helps you into understanding what Im trying to do. All in all I just want the board I need for when the time arises to be there in my quest for the ultimate ride. So we could even try out like SR-71/AnteUp or things like that. Or even take from what you have done with the Monsta(Lower entry and increased numbers off the tail) into all of them. Anyway dont wanna take anymorer of your time but let me know whaen you get around to it. Have a blessed day.