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with a tail rocker to slash and burn for all you got

Charissa, just to let you now that on Monday I got my boards in mint condition.

Tuesday was a small day so the Blackbird made its debut:

very simply, the board has wings.

When you reach the top of the wave with speed you really want to go for an aerial, no kidding, it is a sturdy board that likes to rip, I love it.

Today, it was overhead and good, it was show time for the Mendia,

the board fits my surfing style perfect,

it is fast & drivey and with a tail rocker

to slash and burn for all you got,

great for big arcs on the pocket.

The ghost is still waiting for its moment of truth, but the swell is going down, so tomorrow or Saturday I promise to give it a good run for the money.

I am totally stoked with these boards as they will help in the 2012 competitions. Aloha, Roberto