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Off the tail it’s fast, responsive, projects out of turns, basically rides like a dream.


Sad day, never thought I’d let the SR-71 go. But, I’d never let it go without a sick replacement.

Blackbird has been awesome.

Volume is dialed in, paddles great, gets in early, good speed on entry, feels stable and predictable under my feet, confidence inspiring.

Not sure if it’s the increased volume or the single concave, or the blackbird sweetness, it seems to respond to front foot input a little more than the SR-71 (like that first big pump to get down the face or down the line). Don’t be mistaken, back foot is where this board lives.

Off the tail it’s fast, responsive, projects out of turns, basically rides like a dream.

So, SR-71 vs. Blackbird?

Hard to say, and my theory is that it may have as much to do with volume, especially in the rails, as anything else. SR-71 feels more “precise” and just a bit more nimble, and rides right in the most critical part of the pocket a little better. But, the downside (again, probably volume, or my lack of fitness) for me is only that I can’t paddle as fast or as long, or get in quite as early.

For perfect conditions, the absolute dream day, I’d take the SR-71. But since those are few and far between, especially for the working man, (and finances) I couldn’t keep both. With that glowing report of the SR-71, I’ve never surfed the Blackbird and wished I was on the SR-71. It doesn’t hold me back. For me (again, the volume difference is probably the biggest difference) the SR-71 fit too small a niche, that is almost completely covered by the Blackbird.

So, in summary, (you’re still readying!?)

love the Blackbird, thanks for the recommendation and execution of another sweet board.

Between the Monsta and the Blackbird I’m set for most conditions.

Maybe just need a California step up board for those few big big swells.

So now the show down would be my blackbird vs a new SR-71 with a little more volume….

Thanks for the personal service, thanks for the stoke, and for the boards to keep driving my surfing forward.

Thanks again,

5’10” x 18 3/8″ x 2 1/4″ squashtail Blackbird V – Proxy composite
5’7″ x 18 7/8″ x 2 1/4″ wide squash tail Monsta v.2 – Proxy composite



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