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this thing is fast, almost like I was hydroplaning…. Thanks for getting me amped again!!

Todd and Charissa,

Just wanted to send you a note on the new board, It’s SICK!!

First time I took it out was on fun size 4-6’ trestles (middles), didn’t see any sharks…

first thing I noticed was the speed, this thing is fast, plus it felt like I was higher up in the water, almost like I was hydroplaning….

I’ve taken it out a bunch of times at Newport jetties, everything from catching waves to turns, hacking the lip is easy. There was almost no transition period getting used to the new board, it just worked immediately.

I occasionally would feel bogged down on my old board as it felt like I was pushing water when I paddled, this one knifes right thru. Construction is solid, the board looks and feels bullet proof. I’ve been in the water 4 times over the past week,

Thanks for getting me amped again!!

MonstaChief – Titanium II – CarbonFootprint – Jetstream 6’5” x 21 1/2” x 3 1/8” 47L with Proctor Power Broker Futures honeycomb fins
46yrs old, 6’3”, 200lbs