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it still goes just as good as the day I first surfed it!

I am pretty sure I have just passed the three year mark for owning my Monsta, I can say

it still goes just as good as the day I first surfed it!

I’ll admit I am more of a weekend warrior with work and other things getting in the way of surfing, but I still average 1-3 days a week.

With most sessions being on my Monsta, I have surfed it in all types of conditions ranging from point breaks and beach breaks around home, to playful reef breaks in Indo. If the wave has even the slightest bit of punch from 2ft to 6ft, I know it will work! Since I can surf it in a wide variety of waves, it helps keep my surfing more consistent between sessions and lulls.

I also have to applaud you on the craftsmanship and materials. Considering it is an epoxy, where you put the foam and how you shaped the rails, it is more aggressive than anything else on the “shelf”, but usable for an average surfer like me. The board literally feels like it has a throttle, I can make it go faster or slower. The harder I go in for a turn, the better it performs. It goes vertical and performs cut-backs very well. It is very consistent and responsive. Did I mentioned the board is also three years old, still ripping! There is no way a PU board would have lasted as long even with great care. This board has been through the paces in many California line ups and a couple tropical surf trips, the fall out is maybe a couple little dents, no dings or holes! Compression dings on the deck are minimal considering length of ownership to other boards I own. The board is still water tight.

Again, I am glad I made the choice to have you build me not just this board, but many others with different shapes and materials over the last 4 years or so. They all rip and work very well for their respective purpose, but the Monsta has proven itself over and again.

The wait time and perceived higher cost for one of you boards with the carbon footprint is worth it.

It is truly a custom one-of-a-kind board that is still going! Great work!

– Travis Miller 31/6’0″/150lb

5’7″ x 18 7/8″ x 2 1/8″ Monsta v2 teamlite Carbon Footprint