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The story of Edwin’s custom Rasta Gun

Stoked surfer reports >> this just in: “T.P. : just wanted to say thank you for makin me the kind of board all other step ups are compared to. It paddles like a cadillac and handles like ????. Ready for another version of the same ❤️ “ – Ed

Ed is a working class American with a good job as a painter for Hollywood sets. In the between times he loves to hit the road hunting good waves. Here he is on his latest adventure up north.

I’ve known Ed since grom days, so when he asked me to create a fuller nose gun for him for big swell days, it was a fun process adjusting a design specific to him from existing step-up and gun board models. Ed wanted a quick paddler with a fuller template, so I used a sleeked up #Monstachief step-up outline and an inverted fulcrum #Pipecleanersurfboard rocker slightly flattened from a magic Rozsa gun, then dropped the entry rocker even a touch more for glidey easy entry in sweepy open ocean deeper water swell (often associated with wind and elements). The bottom is a traditional and subtle single-to-double-concave-to-spiral vee…a predictable hull for navigating barrels, but also versatile to where in open faced rippable waves it doesn’t feel ‘gunny’ so you can rip into open face carves and maintain a nice responsive ‘shortboardy’ feel under your feet.

Ed wanted this Rasta motif, so that was also part of the customization. I never named this particular synthesis of designs for Ed; just referred to it as the “Rasta” or “Bob” when I see him.

This color scheme probably means a lot of different things to a lot of people,

but to me it first and foremost always reminds me of what Bob Marley stood for and sang about…equality and respect between people groups; nobody lording it over anybody else by trying to prop themselves up while keeping others down; doing what is right by one another; doing what we ought rather than what we are coerced to; instead of taking advantage of people and grinding one another down or exploiting each other….but to do good to one another and love one another. .

7’2″ x 20 1/4″ x 3″ 45.5L

Ed is 6’1″/190LB #customsurfboards #boardsforthejourney #handmadeinthefreeworld



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