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The Pipsqueak: a one-of-a-kind new creation


Is a one-of-a-kind new creation; not based off any existing board models. The original concept was intended as a mid-range grovel board for smallish-scale California summer surf

….it has become so much more than that.

When I first embarked upon this new drill, few expectations were placed on the Pipsqueak because I honestly wasn’t quite sure what the result was going to be….reason being it is a surfboard designer’s melting pot of sorts; an introduction of a multitude of new design variables all puzzled precariously and seemingly randomly together; a gently forced convergence upon one hapless little board.

Typically, I’ll take an existing model, introduce one new aspect of design to it, and viola, see what happens….move in a direction i.e. the “design process” = “slowly”, “accurately”, “safely”…and so on and so forth…that story unfolds itself.

However, this Pipsqueak grew on it’s own from the ground up….it is my strong-willed child birthed during a one hour design session on a blank computer canvas. It didn’t involve the scanning of an existing shape; no start point; not even a foam blank or planer…a blank screen/ a clean slate. I began to draw and draw – dropping in points, connecting curves to them….a flat flat rocker with an unreasonably low entry // bringing back a ‘flip-nose’ at the tip // short, wide, thick on the rail, flatter deck, heavy heavy concaves (like a tow board) // it has a saggy rail line rocker through the back half of the board I affectionately refer to as the “beerbelly”; a concept which makes for a smooth-swiveling ballbearing-like effect resulting in a super quick-turn-response in the area of the wave where the water is surging fastest (at the energy source where maneuvers should happen) // introduced a ‘step-channel’ exiting a wing off the trailing edge of the front fins = to accelerate all that compressed water into the mainframe of the board’s engine while exhausting it an even faster ratio =

The essence of the new shape = no matter small and slopey and no matter steep and deep….we have a new top speed, grippy, compact, volatile control, acrobatic launchpad co-mingled with the power of classic railwork….a user-friendly board for the most complex surfing from two foot to double overhead…

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