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51 years young…thanks to my Proctor

51 years young…

thanks to my Proctor, LOL!

Loved surfing my Pavote in the Maldives

and had a real blast…Cheers!

Brent, Cornwall, UK

5’11” x 19 3/4″ x 2 9/16″ Proxy Pavote
age: 53 ht: 5’9″ wt: 183 lb exp: 40+ years

Hi Charissa,

Quick feedback for Todd – great looking shape, particularly the way the volume is nicely hidden in the sleeker foil. The gun-metal grey spray is real class and

the epoxy glass job looks absolutely bomb-proof.

I have surfed it in everything from 2ft offshore/onshore to today’s super session in 15sec period, head high + grinders and it definitely feels more performance orientated than the ‘Pavote’, most noticeably it pivots tighter in the pocket.

Like the ‘Pavote’ it gives that undefineable feel of confidence and again I have noticed I hardly fall off it…

a great thing in a board at my young age (51), LOL!

I’ll leave it there, Todd really knows what he’s about in his surfboard designs and I’m imagining next years order already (Monsta thumbtail with V1 rocker and channels in a 5’10”  ‘surfs everything’ package).

Another great board and many cheers from a happy, surf stoked silver surfer!

6’0″ x 19 5/8″ x 2 9/16″ Proxy Monsta v.2 with carbon hinged flextail
age: 53 ht: 5’9″ wt: 183 lb exp: 40+ years