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The board is pure gold!

Hey guys I’m writing to give you both the most sincere THANK YOU. I’ve just returned home from Costa Rica and had the time of my life surfing the 6’2 Monstapig Todd made for me. The board is pure gold!

What a feeling under my feet— the feeling I’ve been searching for— enough support but with all the sensitivity to tilt the board rail to rail instantaneously without thought. The channels are adding something special as well…. Fast through turns.

At 47 years old I’m having so much fun and feel like I’m surfing better than ever and this board has enabled that. It’s super zippy in the grovely stuff and held perfectly in solid overhead surf and handled some pretty steep take offs no problem. I’M SO STOKED!


In addition, the process was so easy with you guys and I think there’s a little magic in there because of the experience you both provide to random customers like me. It instilled a lot of confidence for me in how Todd seemed to intuitively know where to guide me in choosing the board model, specs, etc..

I hope you are well, and again thanks so much for an awesome experience and board- I won’t be going anywhere else for the next one!

Pura vida, Mike”
6’2″ x 20 5/8″ x 2 13/16″ 37L+ #monstapigsurfboard v.4 thumbtail #proxyepoxy