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Thanks again Todd for a mindbender of a board

Hey Todd + Charissa,

Just thought I’d drop a line just to let you know that this board has changed my surfing completely.

When I got on it, it just felt so light and smooth and it goes like a rocket. I love it and everyone who’s seen it is really impressed by it so don’t be surprised if the orders start flyin’ in from the west side!. We were down on Ballyliffen beach last week , this is where this photo was taken. You will have to come over some time, if you do, just give me a shout.

Thanks again Todd for a mindbender of a board, gonna order a groveler in the near future so I’ll be in touch.

Thanks+take care, Slainte, Niall.

Blackbird squash tail 6’6″ x 19″ x 2 1/2″, Proxy custom epoxy Titanium Series 1.0 & 2.
Kevlar compression patch, and Carbon-Hinged Flex Tail