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I sincerely think that you should warn them about your surfboards

Hello charissa, hello Todd!

I’m letting you know that I got the new board this week. Package was top notch and the board arrived in 1 piece.
For your future customers I sincerely think that you
should warn them about your surfboards.

I missed almost 2 days of work since I received mine.

It rides so good it’s just not sane…

I’ve never had a board so responsive, nervous and fun to ride. Ever get the feeling to just scream after landing a trick because it feels sooo good?
Well this is how I feel just about every 2 minutes spent in the water. My boss sent someone to pick me up at my favorite spot today to take me out of the water, I’m forced to work now.

I could not be more pleased!

Guillaume Gingras, 31, Quebec, Canada
Custom Proctor Epoxy “PROXY” Surfboard: 6’2” x 18 ¾” x 2 ¼” Greased Pig



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