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Harnessing the New Order of Flex – “Proxy” Custom Flexible Epoxy

Harnessing the New Order of Flex – “Proxy” Custom Flexible Epoxy

by Proctor Surfboards Worldwide Custom

  • Fusion Core – Premium grade eps foam fused under higher pressure yields greater compression strength. This core is slightly more buoyant than polyurethane foam, so the boards can be ridden smaller and fit in the pocket of the wave better.

  • High impact rails drive through turns and hold up to a beating.

  • Instead of just using standard fiberglass cloth in the glassing process, a combination of S-glass, inter-woven composite fabrics and Kevlar (a product that’s five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis) are employed.

  • Kevlar compression patch – this is a sheet of Kevlar, not a green airbrush. The beauty of this material is that it increases a board’s compression strength (the deck from crushin in), while maintaining the positive flex characteristics.

  • Reinforced carbon-hinged flextail – A thinner tail makes for better flex and a more lively feeling board by reducing rigidity and increasing torque. Interwoven carbon-kevlar composite has a rapid recoil flex memory that acts as a hinge to slingshot the board out of turns, as well as protecting the toe and heel areas of the rails from crushing in over time.

  • Single-to-inset-double concaves – I feel this is one of the most versatile bottom contours you can run in the modern performance shortboard. It has a wide-open sweet spot, is really drivey and predictable in waves small to large; and it allows you to break the tail free when you want to.

  • Flatter deck – I typically go ½” to one inch shorter, 1/8” narrower, and 1/16” thinner than your poly board. By using more buoyant materials, you don’t need to hide foam in the center of the board. The less-domey deck that’s achieved increases the flex characteristics of the board.

  • Uniquely formulated epoxy resins that have more elongation, or elasticity allow flex lengthwise as well as laterally throughout the board. This increases the performance of the board as well as its flex life/ longevity.

  • All fin systems are available including glass-ons (shown here) which are rare on epoxy boards.

  • Environmentally friendly – when a traditional p/u board’s life is over, there’s only one place it can go….to a landfill where it sits for 100 years before it starts to decompose. “Proxy” technology is recyclable.

  • Made custom in the free world from concept to construction. It’s your board….talk to the shaper.

Todd Proctor

Shaper’s notes:

I‘ve been working on alternative surfboard materials for 10 years with the commitment to improve technology while enhancing performance. I believe surfboard building is a unique hands-on process that will always be done best by the innovators who love the sport. The unique construction detailed here is done in our factory in Ventura, California. I custom design every board using cutting edge computer assisted design software. This allows me to detail every board keeping the quality, consistency and custom aspects of my shaping always at the forefront.

Surfer’s Feedback:

…the board I’ve been so ravin’ about lately is that Blackbird, the Proxy one. That thing’s incredible. Thanks mate. Jay Phillips, Gold Coast, Australia

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