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Plainly put, Proxys builds speed, hold it and slingshot you into your next maneuver

Hey Charissa and Todd,

I am very excited to order 2 new Blackbird IIs in Proxy epoxy and

wanted to give Todd props on not only the best

and most versatile boards I have ever ridden,

but the durability and consistent liveliness of the Proxy material.

I would recommend getting the Proxy epoxy upgrade to anyone who wants an incredibly flexible, fast, and durable board!  Unlike competitors’ epoxies that have a less lively feel than their poly counterparts, the spring and tensile flex of the Proxy epoxy is actually more noticeable and faster than the traditional polyurethene blank by a long shot.

Plainly put, Proxys builds speed,

hold it and slingshot you into your next maneuver.

This was evident on the very first ride at D Street in Encinitas, a fast and punchy (usually walled) beachbreak.  I clearly remember taking off and flying past a section that I normally wouldn’t have made, then wafting the tail free on several hits all the way to the beach. The speed the Proxy material and board design generates has changed my outlook on what is makable and not.

This board has been through 2 successful competitive seasons 07/08 and 08/09 and is still going strong and riding like the day I got it two years later.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had boards that long!

In the summer of 2008, it went with me to Kandui in the Mentawaii Island chains.  I broke 2 leashes while riding this board and the board washed across DRY REEF on both losses, the second time across the reef at HEAVY Rifles.  The boat guys tried several times in vain to get it, but it was too dangerous with the surge. I put on tennis shoes (that’s how much I love this board) and walked out in treacherous conditions to retrieve it expecting to find the board smashed to smithereens.  Part of the leash was caught around a coral head really adding to the tension! The collateral damage was a couple of spider cracks along the rail and they came out after a very light sanding.

Still looked like new! Everyone, boat guys

and other surfers, couldn’t believe the board wasn’t destroyed.

I have 2 Greased Pigs, 2 Accelerators, 2 SR71s, a 4-Leaf Clover w/ tri fin setup too, Blackbird II, El Pavote, and an Ante Up.  All are Proxy epoxy and I ride and absolutely love every one of them.  I welcome ANY questions and feedback on how they all ride to my email below. If you’re on the fence about trying one of Proctor’s Proxy epoxy boards, don’t be. You’ll never look back!  See you in the water.

God Bless and Aloha,

Paul Pence, Cardiff by the Sea, California
[email protected]