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Thanks a lot for jump starting my surfing

Hey Todd,

I ordered a custom 6’2 G4-E from you about half a year go or so and I half to say

I am greatly impressed…

I have put the board through hell

being that I am new to surfing and this was my fist board that wasn’t borrowed..

My surfing has progressed really fast

and I have been thinking about getting another board from you for waves chest high and below… I moved to okinawa and I am surfing reef breaks.

I would like a board that can catch pretty much anything, is loose, and fast. I learn quick so don’t worry too much about my experience.

I remember when I first got my board from you and everyone says dude that board is going to be way to hard for you to learn on and how it would be to fast for me.. The first wave I went for was about waist high and choppy and I caught it..

I fell in love with that board instantly..

Although the board has been through 2-3 foot VA mush to overhead hurricane bill swell in OBX to waist-head high hollow Okinawa reef breaks, I would like to have something a little more loose and fast on the smaller waves.. I also want to try out your polyproxy construction this time as well. What do you think about a quad?

I won’t be ready to order for a couple months but I am serious about getting this board.

I also have a friend who loves how strong

my board is and how few pressure dings it has in it

and is getting a board from you when I get mine.. All I have is good things to tell people about your board and service..

Thanks a lot for jump starting my surfing

and I look forward to getting new boards from you in the future and spreading your name. Just let me know what you have in mind for me.

Take care,
Vaughn, 19, Chesapeake, Virginia

Custom Proxy Epoxy Titanium Series

Upgrade Option 1.0: Kevlar Compression Patch &
Option 2.0: Carbon-Hinged Flex Tail
G-4.E: 6’2″ x 18 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ squash tail



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