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now I’m nailing my backside bottom turn every time

Hey Todd & Charissa,

Just wanted to send you a quick note on the G-4.E I picked up from you just before Christmas. All I can say is that I absolutely love the board.

When I picked it up you

said it would transform my surfing,

and you were completely right.

I feel like my surfing has progressed more in the past month and a half than it had in the prior six.

Me and my G-4.E in Florianopolis, Brazil:

The board paddles super easy, but still feels so nimble. I can dig the rails in so quick now, my bottom turn has never been so solid. Going backside was always a bit iffy,

now I’m nailing my backside

bottom turn every time.

Oh and the epoxy is definitely living up to its rep. I took the board down to Brazil a couple of weeks ago. Too many flights to remember, but not a single ding on the board! Anyway just wanted to say thanks to both of you again.

The board is just awesome, and the

whole ordering process was super easy.

I’ll be coming back for more!

Steve L, 33, Beverly Hills, CA
Custom Proxy Epoxy G-4.E
6’2″ x 18 7/8″ x 2 1/2″ (2 3/8″) rounded squash tail