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I took the Rascal II out for the first time today. I love it!

Hi Joel,

I received your custom board inquiry online, checked it out…and have detailed a couple boards that I think would be the next level for you.

Since you need something versatile for

surfing a variety of waves ranging

from mushy to hollow,

then I suggest an all around performance shortboard that generates speed in small/ gutless conditions, yet will hold in and surf fast and clean on the punchier or bigger waves too….

the board I have specifically designed for

this purpose and for your build….

is called the Big Chief.

This board is a full performance board, but it is built with the appropriate volume so that you don’t have issues catching waves, or generating speed even when the waves are small. I recommend a 6’10” x 21 ¼” x 3 1/8″ Big Chief with a squashtail. The rocker/ bottom curve on this board is moderate meaning that it allows you to paddling into waves easily and generate speed down the line while it has a nice loose tail rocker off the fins so you can turn on a dime and draw nice performance lines in and around the power pocket of the wave.

The bottom contour features a single to inset double concave….this generates lift, speed, drive in the board while at the same time positive redirectional hold through turns.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. I know you would be stoked on a magic Proctor Big Chief. Looking forward to your reply,


Aloha Todd,

Thanks for the super fast response. I really think your recommendation is great. Iʻm wondering if I could get the dimensions you suggested (6ʻ10″x 21 1/4″ x 3 1/8″)  in the Rascal II.

The more I read about the Rascal II

the more I want to try it.

Right now Iʻm on a Rusty Desert Island thatʻs 8ʻ0 x 22″ x 2.94″ Itʻs has a shortboard shape. I want to branch out a little and try a different shape and different fin set ups. Iʻve never surfed a fish or a quad setup.

Iʻm so new at order surfboards that Iʻm not sure how custom I could get a board. Iʻm seriously considering the Rascal II, but I know that the sizes on the website would not float me.

Thanks again for such a fast response.

Hi Joel,

The Rascal II is awsome…..would be a great board for you….and I can make you a custom in those dimensions as well.

So, good news all around!!

The best thing to do for ordering a board is to set up a phone appointment and I’ll go over all the ins and outs about what will be best for you and can answer any other questions you may have at that time as well. I’ll go over everything with you from the shape/ design of the board to the various glassing/ construction options available to you, and graphics options if you are interested. I recommend going with the five fin set-up so you can ride the board as a quad or thruster….

I’ll explain the pros and cons/ types

of waves to ride each fin set-up in.

I’ll actually be here in the factory/ showroom all day tomorrow (between 10:00am and 4:00pm Pacific Standard time) so if there is a good time for you then….just let me know a time and your phone# and I’ll call you. Otherwise we can schedule something for another time. Ok, well let me know if that works good for you….
Speak soon,
Aloha, Todd


Awesome!! Iʻm super stoked. I work until 1pm and Iʻll be home at 1:30pm Hawaii time. I believe that would mean 3:30 your time. So if you want to call at 3:30 your time Iʻll be here. If that doesnʻt work we can set up an appointment.
Thanks Todd.

Aloha Charissa,

Iʻm writing to let you know I just got the rascal II.

The board is so rad!

I have to wait 24hrs for my traction pad to set, but Iʻll let you know how the first session goes.


Aloha Todd and Charissa,

I took the Rascal II out for the first time today.

I love it.

It floats me good. I can get into the wave faster. And once Iʻm on the wave the board keeps pushing faster.

I had so much fun.

Thanks for you great customer service and attention to detail.

Mahalo Nui

Custom Proxy Epoxy Titanium Series
Upgrade Option 1.0: Kevlar Compression Patch &
Option 2.0: Carbon-Hinged Flex Tail
Rascal II: 6’8″ x 22″ x 3″ moontail
four parabolic channels, 5 fin setup