Monsta and Le Pippy out there in the Ments

Hope this finds you safe, healthy and enjoying lots of time with each other lately 🙂 That shaping in quarantine clip is epic!! Todd you make it too easy man, and that board looks so fun!
Long overdue but wanted to share a handful of pics with you of the Monsta and Le Pippy out there in the Ments last summer. 

Can’t speak highly enough about your shapes on any day but when you go to the ments you can’t have doubts about what to bring and I rode both the entire trip – mostly the Monsta. No need for anything else! Also, I put a mini trailer fin in the pippy after I saw you at strand cause it’s just too small for the weight of a big old third and it has been MAGIC. Never had a board do anything like what it’s doing, just gets everywhere I want it to instantly and makes every section look so much better than it is. Thank you guys again and will be looking forward to the next one!!

Chris 32/6’0”/165lb
5’7” x 18 7/ x 2 1/4” Montsa v.2 25L

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