dang.. This monstachief makes me want to drive some more surf some more etc..until i get to your place to say thanks in person.


Please relay this to the Man…
Im 62..225lbs..15% bf..so i aint pudgy..but ive been struggling..
With finding a true big guy shortboard….until now..
Don’t get me wrong..i love my liddle hull..fowler vbottom…lovelace vbowl..
My dane perlee frankenspud…i love my 8′ ..mid-lengths..
This is a big guy.. shortboard..not a shrunken hybrid..etc..

Unfortunately..because of the pandemic…no pics..no named locations..Lets just say south of half moon bay..north of santa cruz..and..And… I tried it as a thruster…1st . .so much control ..and power..wow..no loss of speed..

Next day as a quad…same place similiar day/waves…more speed..with looser control..wow..i love futures F8s..i have their 5fin  set..for this board..

And another set for  my bigger 8.6 rusty zepplin 5 fin..which has been my go to get anything board….but now..i know..i have two boards..that can cover almost everything i need to do..

But now i have a shortboard that performs…

.yes.i  still love.glider sessions at cowells…pleasure point..privates..will always be special..but dang..

This monstachief makes me want to drive down the coast..stop and surf..drive some more surf some more etc..until i get to your place ..after all this over say thanks in person…
and surf with allen sarlo…ha
Danno 7’6″ x 23 3/4″ x 3 5/8″ Monstachief F Proxy

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