Mendia // Indo +

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Pete Media is to surfing what Neil Young is to music.

Magestic riffs that echo the unique raw melodies that make you grit your teeth and say yeahnow…..
tracks that no-one else can claim or copy.

The “madman” buries the rail like no other, always pulls in deep, and devours oncoming lips like he’s out for blood. This right coast Florida resident simply LOVES surfing and when he’s called on, he’s ready to get on the plane to anywhere on the planet and attack bone-breaking pits in strange uncharted waters. Poppa Pete’s got a rad wife and two boys that are pistols; he’s one of the few professionals in our sport that I know of who balances both career and family with success in both. He’s kind of a giant in stature and can pummel you if he wanted to, but he doesn’t need to cause he always seems to just be cruising….enjoying the show.

MUSIC: The Cosmonauts, “Like a French Assassin”

ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE: Mike Risick, Kirk Presley, Luke Thorpe

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