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Proctor Man?? Who is He?

For about 19 years, I have been wanting an icon for the boards;

a symbol to go along with our Proctor lettering style logo.

Something simple, unique and more easily recognizable for photos and in the water….
and an image that means something.

Over the years we have had different ideas;

variations on wave designs, playing around with initials, etc…you know the usual thing….
yet nothing felt right in my gut to run with.

Well, I’m really stoked about the new

“Proctor Man” icon(yep, the guy in the suit).

This represents my dad

Vance, 1969

who was a cop; a police officer with the LAPD for 40 years.
He worked every division in L. A. and spent his early years as a street cop/ a beat cop
working by himself deep in the heart of gnarly territory downtown Los Angeles.
I grew up on “detective stories” and capers on how ‘some real bad guys’ got put in jail.

So now you’re thinking, “ok great, your typical cop….power hungry, type A personality,
tough guy”…. I think we’ve all run into a few of those in our day….
but let me tell you a little something about my dad – He did his job with excellence,
but in his off time you would have never guessed he was a LAPD cop.
He was not one of those charismatic personalities that overwhelms a room with a brash
dark cloud that seeks it’s own glory.

He was never a “famous” man, he never wielded political power, or controlled great wealth.
He was a man of quiet conviction and principles;

Hardworking and confident,

with a powerful humility that lived out his life

in service to others.

He sought to do what was right in his small sphere of influence in this world, and to leave it better than when he arrived.

He always encouraged me with words like this –

“Do your best. Be courageous. Persevere in what you know is right and good.”

Dad went to heaven a few years back. He is missed by many.

This new icon is a tribute to him:

Vance Proctor – A truly great man.

Let us consider what impact our lives will have….

Proctor Man stickers available in the Proctor online board shop