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just when I thought it couldn’t get any better

Once again Todd,

just when I thought it couldn’t

get any better and this thing

arrives at my door!

Thanks for your attention to detail,

i’m totally stoked.

Been out five or six times so far and it rips,

thank god we’re gettin a bit of swell now, this winter has been nigh on non existent, went nearly a month without gettin in the water! unheard of over here!

Christy and I will send a few pics over for your blog shortly, thanks again and keep doin’ what your doin, your a true artist!

Tell Charissa I said hi,

she’s so slick on the business end of things!

All the best and slainte,

Niall, Northern Ireland
ht: 5’11”  wt: 155 lb  age: 39

Custom Proxy Epoxy SR-71: 5’11” x 18 1/4″ x 2 3/16″
with Carbon-Hinged Flex Tail