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everyone who tries your pavote, loves it

Hi Todd :

This is Antonio, from Taiwan ( El Pavote surfboard )

I have been thinking in adding one or two of your boards to my quiver.

I will be road traveling and surfing

during the holidays ( Guatemala,

el salvador and maybe Nicaragua ).

Anyways, what I am looking for,

is to have an all around quiver,

if possible with 2 boards but if you recommend me 3 ( including the pavote )  to cover all, I will agree with your opinion.

As I mentioned to you Taiwan wave are not the so powerful, but they can get during typhoons.

So I have been thinking to add a

more shortboard style  for those

good days in Taiwan,

but with abilities to work in not only perfect conditions ( Monsta 🙂 vs Accelerator vs Greased Pig II ) and for the typhoon season and traveling a round pin tail with more rocker and good versatility ( blackbird vs sr-71).

But what do I know!

Please let me know you recommendation,

last time was the perfect choice.

Really looking forward to get the sickest quiver in Taiwan !!!

Some info about me:
Height: 5’8
Age: 24
Level: Intermediate ( learning fast )

A.Parlange, Taiwan,
Proxy flexible epoxy El Pavote: 5’7″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 5/16″
Parabolic stringers with Kevlar Compression Patch & Carbon Rails

by the way everyone who

tries your pavote, loves it !!!