just blown away by its performance and versatility

I just wanted to let Todd and you know how much I love my Performace Noserider ( Kelp Green 9’8″ that I picked up in May).

I have ridden it in everything from knee high crumblers at Morro Rock to the pumping reefs north of Cayucos and have been just blown away by its performance and versatility.

Equipped with a full area 10″ single fin, it is like a hot knife through butter,

rocketing around sections and trimming so effortlessly, allowing me to noseride better than I ever have.

Riding it as a quad in good waves has been an absolute mind bender- so fast and so nimble carving rail to rail.

It’s the best feeling board I’ve ever owned .

Can’t wait to add another Proctor to my quiver.

Mahalo, Garet
9’8 x 23 x 3 1/8 77.6L Performance Noserider | 38/6’5″/225lb