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by far the best & most versatile board I’ve ever owned

Last week, I got an unusually long ankle-biter backside wave on MonstaChief. jp-hedley-76-monstachief

Yesterday during swell, I was taking literally death/injury defying takeoffs in front of Jetty, all with equal ease.

Despite hiatus, I surfed a lot of boards & this by far the best & most versatile board I’ve ever owned.

From the first wave, I’ve never had to adjust to it or kook the first few waves or a session, after surfing something else.

My other boards punish every time at first, one I consider a wild bad girlfriend: “I love her & she hates me”.

My MC just loves me, all the time.

Cheers & thanks, J.P. | 53/6’3″/240lb
7’6 x 22 x 3 1/4 60.4L MonstaChief thumbtail