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Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

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it was even better than expected!

I got this board because of the 20min video in which Todd talks about the specs of this Retro Fish board with modern shortboard bottom contours. It struck me as genius, as I have been talking about Fishs with friends and the common opinion is its fun and fast but has downsides in manouvreability and quality waves. So i thought it would be the ideal board for me as i just love going fast and throwing my whole body into turns.

And it was even better than expected!

I surfed this board in October in Portugal in a variety of Beach, Reef and Point break waves and just loved it. I could hassle long boarders for the early entry into smaller waves at the beachbreak and have a whole crowd of shortboarders green with envy because i was getting all the waves, maintaining speed and doing real turns where everyone else was just hopping around haha.

At the point I could make sections my shortboard buddy didn’t make and could do some radical turns too thanks to the rasta keel fins which i’ve got to love as they just dig in so nicely.

Only thing is when it got bigger I went back to my shortboard because I could duck-dive it better, but it did surf well even in slightly overhead conditions.

A very versatile, easy to paddle, overall fun and amazing board I can only recommend to everyone looking for the right non-shortboard to experiment and have fun with!

—Phil 28/6’2″/194lb/13 yrs exp
5’10” x 21″ x 2 1/2″ Postermodern Retroactive Twin Fang with Futures twin install using Sea Shepherd twin fins

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